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Welcome to the Tiny Sparks, Big Flames Podcast

So many of us have spent time wondering what it’s REALLY like to follow our dreams or to take our passions to the next level.  If you’re one of these people, you’ve come to the right place!

Tiny Sparks, Big Flames is all about inspiring creatives, innovators, and difference makers who are daring to live their dreams.  You’ll hear their engaging stories; highlights and challenges along the way; and success secrets for catapulting roadblocks to accomplish their visions.

Each episode lasts no longer than 30 minutes — the perfect amount of time to play in traffic, enjoy a cup of java at your favorite indie coffee shop, or head out for a brief walk or run.

You can listen to new episodes every week here on this webpage.  [The inside scoop:  We post them on Tuesday mornings at zero dark thirty (U.S./Central Time). That’s 30 minutes after midnight.]  What fun!

You also can subscribe by clicking HERE.

To get started, click on the episode you want to hear on the carousel below.  From there, simply hit the play button in the blog post.  While you’re there, you can read the backstory about our interview and access great bonus content about each guest.

That’s it.  Time to get started.  In 3…2…1….

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