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Imagine having your own career coach every step of the way as you navigate your job or career change in these turbulent times. That’s why we've developed Morph, Pivot, Launch--a new workbook and guided journal that will help you

   • master your mindset when you’re feeling anxious, stressed, and unfocused

   • energize your job search with tips and techniques adapted for these extraordinary times

   • hold fast to your dreams - they are the fire in your belly to help you outlast the storm!

Our goal is to publish the book in its entirety in December 2020, and we are still on track with that goal. However, by early March, we knew that we needed to change course and get you everything we had written to date as soon as possible.

Toward that end, we have streamlined the content of the first two sections and are making it available to you now via two completely and totally free PDF documents: (1) Master Your Mindset, and (2) Energize Your Job Search. (No email address or contact information required!) We’re also giving you a “sneak peek” at Bonnie’s unique, hand-drawn illustrations to inspire you, engage your imagination, and make you smile. You will find the links to both PDFs below. Simply click on the download buttons.

Feel free to share either or both of these PDFs with family, friends, and colleagues who are looking for a job amidst this extraordinary public health crisis.  Since the files are so large, we recommend sharing a link to this webpage rather than attempting to email the files themselves.

Master Your Mindset PDF

Energize Your Job Search PDF

About the Authors

Deb Gaut

Deb Gaut is a transformation and performance coach who specializes in career change and life transitions. She is a burnout fighter and dream re-igniter. Her passion is helping people to move boldly toward their dreams through high performance, core-energy coaching. Deb launched her first successful career in the academic world, where she served as a university professor for 30+ years. While there, Deb mentored hundreds of her students in the strategies, knowledge, and skills needed to successfully pursue their careers.

After 9/11, Deb made a major career shift to the U.S. Government, where she spent seven years ensuring that the Department of Defense (DOD) workforce remained on the cutting edge of their chosen professions. In 2017, Deb walked away from her six-figure, government position to pursue her current calling:  service as a career coach, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. Deb holds a Ph.D. in Communication and three professional coaching certifications: Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and COR.E Dynamics – Transitions Specialist. She has co-authored three successful university textbooks and has extensive national and international public speaking and presentation experience. Her forever home is Saint Louis, MO, where she lives with her amazing husband and two four-legged children. To connect with Deb, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn.

Bonnie Sales

Bonnie Sales is an award-winning contemporary artist who lives and works in St. Louis, MO. In addition to her whimsical pencil drawings, she loves working in a wide variety of art forms--from watercolor, oil, and mural painting to wood carving, stained glass, jewelry making, and functional art. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Bonnie inspires others to see life as a colorful journey filled with vibrance, joy and contentment. Her talents have taken her to Jalisco, Mexico, where she created nine large murals and developed a love for bright colors and organic design. Perhaps, the following excerpt from her artist statement best captures Bonnie’s passion and purpose:  “In a world where we sometimes forget to see the beauty in the mundane, my  desire is to gift the viewer with a chance to be carried away in their own imagination: a place to dream, a unique world where all is well and cake is good for you!”  You can learn more about Bonnie and view more of her beautiful artwork at Honeybee Art Company.

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