Beginning a new year with resolutions is a long-standing tradition dating back to ancient Babylonian and Roman times.  According to the sage god Wikipedia, the Babylonians made annual promises to their gods to return borrowed objects and pay their debts.  Romans marked the new year by making promises to Janus, the “two-faced god” who could see both the past and the future.
Today, people around the world make New Year’s resolutions.  According to a 2019 survey of 2,000 people, the top four resolutions are eating healthier, getting more exercise, losing weight, and saving more money.  Sound familiar?  Please understand that I hold no grudge against resolutions.  They’re just easy to start and somewhat soul-crushing to break.    

So here’s a thought … or more of a challenge.  Instead of beginning with resolutions, what if we started with memories you want to make in the coming year?  What exactly would those memories be?  With whom would you love to create them?  Would they involve travel to an exotic destination or a magical place closer to home?  How much planning (and money) would be involved?  When could you get started?  

Resolutions (i.e., goals and objectives) can be a powerful way to propel us forward now and throughout the year.  However, to mix things up a bit, consider completing this simple exercise and see where it takes you.  On your mark.  Get set.  Give it a go.

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