Pursue your passions and dreams

I’m Deb Gaut, a Life + Leadership Transformation Coach who helps people get unstuck, launch new chapters, and take their lives from ordinary to extraordinary through high performance, core energy coaching.



You've been stuck in a rut for way too long, and you're more than ready to do something about it.  If you're up for the commitment, challenge and hard work, let's reconnect you with your secret dreams and chart a way forward for your future.



  You're fiercely committed to starting a new chapter in your life and want to ensure you're off to a great start. Let's work together to design the life you want to lead, develop a plan for achieving your goals, and optimize your chances for success.



Life is good. You're successful in your job. Yet, you're longing for something more--a life that's extraordinary rather than ordinary. I can help you push your limits, dive deeper to gain a competitive edge, achieve a higher calling, or simply live life to its fullest.

Does Coaching Really Work?

If you’re thinking about hiring a coach, one big question probably keeps circling through your mind: Will it work?

There are plenty of success stories that provide evidence that coaching helps people make positive changes and create success in their personal and professional lives.

iPEC, a comprehensive coach training program that’s trained more than 15,000 coaches worldwide, has more than just anecdotal evidence that coaching works.

New quantitative evidence, in the form of scientific data, shows that Core Energy Coaching™ helps people make measurable changes that lead to sustainable and transformational results.


The Great 90-Day Coaching Challenge

Living life to the fullest is all about stepping up, taking risks, and pushing our limits to the max.  So I'm embarking on a 90-day  "listening tour" and scheduling 100 complimentary coaching sessions between April 1 - July 1, 2019.  We’ll block out 90 - 120 minutes together at a beautiful venue, your favorite indie coffee shop, or even over the phone.  We'll talk about your passions and dreams, and you’ll experience powerful, life-changing coaching with no strings attached.  At the end of the session, you may not need or want any more coaching.  And if you want to know more at that point, we’ll talk.  To get started, here’s a link to my calendar where you can schedule a quick 15-minute conversation with me, during which we’ll agree on a date, time, and location right then and there.  Are you ready to take on the challenge?


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